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RIA Kits

Radioimmunoassay (RIA) is a very sensitive assay technique used to measure the concentrations of antigens (for example, hormone levels in the blood) through the use of antibodies to those antigens.

In an RIA, a known quantity of an antigen is made radioactive and mixed with a known quantity of antibody to that antigen. When a sample containing the antigen of interest is added, the non radioactive antigen displaces the bound radioactive antigen. By washing away unbound antigen and measuring the ratio of the radioactivity in the supernatant versus known standards, a standard curve can be developed and the amount of antigen in the sample determined.

IBL-America offers an extensive selection of RIA kits providing the greatest levels of detection available.

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    Size/Catalog #
  • KIPI20000
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  • KIP0151
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  • KIR0061
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  • IB78247
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  • KIP0451
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  • RB320RUO
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  • KIRM2070
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  • KIRM2071
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  • KIRM2050
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  • KIP0091
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  • KIP0409
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  • RK-518
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