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Alpha Klotho ELISA Kits

Alpha Klotho (α-Klotho) is a key player that integrates a multi-step regulatory system of calcium metabolism and phosphate homeostasis.

Alpha Klotho (α-Klotho) was identified as an extremely down-regulated gene in the genetic mutation mouse (Klotho mouse) of which phenotype is very similar to various symptoms of human aging. Then, the sequences of Alpha Klotho (α-Klotho) genes have been identified in various species including human based on the one of mouse. α-Klotho protein is a 130kDa, one-transmembrane protein and its expression is confirmed in the kidneys and the parathyroid glands.

In recent years, it has become clear that α-Klotho is an important molecule within a living organism regulating the metabolism of mineral such as calcium and phosphorus. Therefore, it is considered that, in Klotho mouse, early aging-like symptoms are induced by impaired mineral homeostasis caused by decreased expression of α- Klotho.

Meanwhile, it is reported that the long N-terminal extracellular domain which comprises the major portion of sequence of α-Klotho protein is released free into blood by shedding. However, there are may unclear points about functions and changes in concentration of free (soluble) α-Klotho protein, so it has been required to develop the measurement system of α-Klotho.

We offer a solid phase sandwich ELISA for the determination of human soluble Alpha Klotho (α-Klotho) in serum and EDTA-plasma and a solid phase sandwich ELISA for the determination of mouse soluble Alpha Klotho (α-Klotho) in mouse urine.

For research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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  • Alpha Klotho (α - Klotho) Human Soluble ELISA Assay Kit
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  • Alpha Klotho (α-Klotho) Soluble (Mouse)
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