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N3pE Amyloid-beta Isoform Assays

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N3pE Amyloid-beta Isoform AssaysAmyloid-beta is generated through amyloid precursor protein (APP) cleavage by specific secretases. Beta-secretase cleaves an extracellular portion of APP and frees a soluble peptide. Gamma-secretase cleaves APP within the transmembrane domain, creating amyloid-beta (Aβ) isoforms with lengths between 36-43 amino acid residues. 

In N3pE amyloid beta isoforms, the 3rd glutmate residue is converted to pyroglutamate. N3pE-40 and N3pE-42 variants may have a higher propensity toward aggregation than unmodified amyloid beta, which has been hypothesized to contribute to the Alzheimer's pathology. The Amyloid Beta ( N3pE-40) ELISA kit (Cat# 27418) selectively detects the N3pE-40 amyloid beta variant, whereas a separate ELISA Kit (Cat# 27716) selectively detects N3pE-42. 

Amyloid Beta ( N3pE-40 ) Aβ ELISA (Cat# 27418) -The affinity purified monoclonal antibody percolated on the ELISA plate and the affinity purified polyclonal HRP conjugated detection antibody is selective to AβN3pE-40 with minimal cross-reactivity to N3pE-42. The antibodies have been generated to the N-terminus of AβN3pE-40.

Amyloid Beta ( N3pE-42) Aβ ELISA (Cat# 27716) -The affinity purified monoclonal antibody percolated on the ELISA plate and the affiniy purified polyclonal HRP conjugated detection antibody is selective to AβN3pE-42. The antibodies have been generated to the N-terminus of AβN3pE-42.

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Angiotensinogen Detection | ELISAs & Antibodies

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