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Visit Us At The Duke University BioResearch Product Faire

May 18, 2017

Visit Us At This Show And Discover How IBL-America Can Help You Achieve Your Research Goals!

Come help us celebrate our 20 year anniversary! We provide researchers with high quality ELISA kits, RIA kits, Antibodies and Proteins.

18th Annual

Thursday, May 25, 2017

10:00 AM - 2:30 PM

Searle Conference Center Lecture Hall

Duke University

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Alternatives to DiaSorin and Siemens Discontinued RIA Assays

May 17, 2017

Some diagnostic companies have recently made the decision to stop manufacturing RIA assays, mainly as this specialty field no longer fits in their long-term strategic business plans. Examples are: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Products has decided to no longer support the full DPC Coat-A-Count RIA product line and DiaSorin, who stopped production of the majority of their RIA products.

This means that assistance in resolving method-related issues for these RIA products will no longer be available within Siemens or DiaSorin either on-site or by telephone. As a leading RIA specialist company, we strive to deliver sustainable solutions in select fields of specialties. We therefore continue and remain committed to offer RIA specialty assays in the field of Endocrinology.

IBL-America is able to offer you alternative kits corresponding with the discontinued DiaSorin, Siemens DPC RIA kit and others. For assays with specific requirements on sensitivity which are covered by RIA technology only or by preference, we are confident that our assay kit menu offers valuable alternatives for these discontinued assays. Please contact us for suitable alternative solutions to your testing needs in the field of endocrinology.

Go to table of alternative kits corresponding with the discontinued DiaSorin, Siemens DPC RIA kit and others.

IBL-America's Vitamin D 1,25(OH)2 ELISA Cited in University of Florida Study

May 16, 2017

A recent study was conducted by the University of Florida, Gainesville using IBL-America's Vitamin D 1,25(OH)2 ELISA from our Vitamin D Assay Kit Line. Check the product page for full details on our Vitamin D 1,25(OH)2 ELISA kit or view the links below for information about the study referencing this kit.

Use of calcitriol to maintain postpartum blood calcium and improve immune function in dairy cows

A Vieira-Neto, IRP Lima, F Lopes, C Lopera, R Zimpel… - Journal of Dairy Science, 2017

Concentrations of calcitriol in plasma were analyzed by ELISA [1α,25(OH) 2 Vitamin
D ELISA; IBL-America, Minneapolis, MN] according to the manufacturer's instructions...

See also: 1,25(OH)2 Vitamin D Extraction Kit

Meet Us At The 2017 American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions

May 10, 2017

Mark your calendars now for the world's largest, most prominent meeting on diabetes―the American Diabetes Association's 77th Scientific Sessions!

The Scientific Sessions offers researchers and health care professionals the unique opportunity to share ideas and learn about the significant advances in diabetes research, treatment, and care. Over the course of five days, participants will receive exclusive access to more than 3,000 original research presentations, take part in provocative and engaging exchanges with leading diabetes experts and expand professional networks with over 13,000 professional attendees from around the world.

June 9-13, 2017

San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California

Visit us at Booth 1255 or schedule a meeting today.

Presenting the Free 25OH Vitamin D ELISA Technical Review

April 28, 2017

Recent studies suggest that the concentration and genotype of Vitamin D binding protein (DBP) are important factors that determine the bioavailability of 25OH Vitamin D in blood. There is accumulating data that for instance in pregnant women, chronic kidney disease, liver failure, bladder cancer and pancreatic cancer, or in hemodialysis patients the measurement of free 25OH Vitamin D in serum provides more relevant diagnostic information than total 25OH Vitamin D.

Several research groups have therefore called for a direct measurement of free 25OH Vitamin D, instead of using inaccurate calculation methods….Read More